Without change there would be no butterflies.
“Making A Difference© one minute at a time – how self-esteem affects everything you do”

This seminar presentation answers the following questions:

What is self-esteem?

How does it affect your life?

How does it affect your work?

How does it affect your family?

How can you increase self-esteem?

What does the Bible say about self-esteem?

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This presentation offers ways to build your confidence and how to have healthy self-esteem.
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What people are saying:

"Excellent! The self-esteem and positive effect we can have on our students was what I liked best." L. R.

"Good...Well-presented! Relates to us on the job." J. C.

"Linda was easy-going. She presented serious matters with a sense of humor so we enjoyed learning from her." J.W.

Time to Enjoy Your Blessings
“Making Time to Enjoy Your Blessings©” (based on the book by Dianne Haynes Miley)

Do you run your life or does life run you?

Are you often rushing from one place to another feeling pressured by time?

Do you have difficulty enjoying the blessings God has given you?

Take heart!

For everyone who longs to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, there is hope.

Simple techniques and Biblical principles in Dianne’s book and Linda’s presentation can help you discover how to:

1. Make your blessings priorities
2. Set goals
3. Simplify your life

4. Organize your home
5. Get things done
. . . .and much more!
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What people are saying about "Making Time to Enjoy your Blessings©":

"I learned to think about what is important to me." K. P.

"I learned to set priorities and do the important things first!" P. F.

"I enjoyed the practical demonstrations and the readings." R. A.

"I learned how to find more time to enjoy life. J. A.

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Resurrection Lily
"PLANTING THE SEED©" & "LET YOURSELF GROW-why bloom when you can blossom?©"

These two seminar presentations go hand-in-hand and can be done in an afternoon with a break between them or they can be presented for a retreat on two different days.

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"PLANTING THE SEED©" is a scripture-based presentation that is a perfect lead-in to LET YOURSELF GROW! – why bloom when you can blossom?©"
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"LET YOURSELF GROW!–why bloom when you can blossom?©"

How Today’s woman can take action to get more out of the life she lives and still give of herself in ways that are fulfilling.
Use of scripture references enhance this presentation. Reducing stress and enjoying life, the way God intended us to, is primary in this message. Linda engages the participants so that they are part of it not "just there".
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What people are saying:

"Planting the Seed gave us a preview of what was to come the next day. Very interesting comparison to the Word of God." R.A.

"I’ve been to every retreat we’ve had and Linda is the best speaker yet!" N.S.

+ + +

P.S. The Resurrection Lily - (Lycoris squamigera) shows Large Clusters of Blushing Blooms when You Least Expect Them! The foliage dies down weeks before the blooms appear! The glossy early-spring foliage passes and dies back weeks or even months before the blooms appear, and you may have forgotten all about them when suddenly, almost literally overnight, the blooms open atop thick, leafless stems! A miracle of life! Just like the gift of eternal life given to us through the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.